bangel + i will remember you [requested by destielismylovesong]

bangel + becoming part 2 [requested by destielismylovesong]

I love you. I try not not but I can’t stop.

Since Katherine is gonna be human, does that mean she’ll be Klaus’ new bloodbag to make his hybrids? At least he won’t try to kill her anymore, although she’ll never be free of him either.

Were you surprised at the ending?
Yeah. Yeah. I was very surprised. We were all very surprised.[x]

Penn :”For Dan to be Gossip Girl that would mean he was a pyschopath and transgender”


my master ship list (no order) » brenda and dylan, beverly hills 90210

B: “In the grand scheme of things, you’ll look back years from now and I’ll just be a girl you knew in high school.”
D: “No you won’t. No you won’t, Bren. Not after everything.”

So now that Elena has burned down the Gilbert house does this mean we won’t get anymore Delena porch scenes?